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Monday, May 15

‘an count (for Cookie77): 3

Panel 1: I am guessing the guy on the left is Gerald and the guy on the right is Duncan. Duncan appears to be leaning into an open window to talk to Dr. P. Gerald looks like he is doing some sort of deep knee bends. We saw the Patterson house just yesterday, but since then, an awning over the door has appeared. Duncan and Gerald’s dialogue here cracks me up. What? You suck up to the dentist and get free dental care on your next appointment? These are sad, sad, teenage boys.

Panel 2: April in another shoulder-baring outfit, which I suppose is to distract me from the fact she has a stub where her right hand used to be, and her head is noticeable larger than Eva’s. Eva’s bun makes a reappearance, she is dressed more conservatively than last April. In fact she looks more like her original appearance back in November. April is asking about guys and cars, but what she is really asking is, “My shoulders are bare. Why aren’t they looking at me instead of this souped up station wagon?” I think that is a very good question, April. However, Eva either has a horse-riding background or she has learned that since April is the horse-whisperer, the best way to explain things to her is in horse analogies.

Panel 3: Eva’s horse analogy is kind of falling apart here. What kind of horses or cars do you “strap on an’ ride”, so it “becomes part of your body?” There are things that you can strap on and ride that become part of your body. Some of them are quite naughty. Is Eva really talking about those things? Is this some sort of clever triple-entendre, as Eva is taking a nice long look at Duncan’s bow legs and bottom?

Panel 4: Frighteningly enough, if it is a triple-entendre, it still works in this panel too. I am going to stick with horse and car. April takes the pro-car stance, which is odd considering her horse-whisperer inclination. Eva takes the pro-horse stance, which I guess makes sense since she introduced the analogy. Is this supposed to be funny because both are wrong? You do have to clean up after cars, and you have to feed horses, and they have certain fumes associated with them too. Judging from where her right shoulder is, April seems to have been caught replacing her stubby, right arm and does not seem to have it attached yet. I think that is supposed to be Eva’s right hand across her knee which is pulled up to her chin, but the lack of a thumb is throwing me off.
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