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Sunday, 18 May 2014

Today's strip has Mike selfishly, treasonously and criminally remember that Elly will still actually fold his clothes because he does it "wrong" despite her complaints about how she isn't his slave.

(Strip Number 7184, Original Publication Date, 19 May 1985)

Panel 1: Today's strip begins in the laundry room with Elly gasping in horror at a full basket.

Panel 2: Despite knowing that once again, her rock-stupid son has once again dumped a load of clothes in a hamper without sorting it, she asks what the horrible horror she sees is.

Panel 3: The strip most people are actually going to read begins with her reminding him that yet again, she asked him to pick up his clothes and yet again, he just dumped everything in the laundry like an imbecile.

Panel 4: She points out that not only are two of the articles of clothing he just shoved in the laundry are clean, one wasn't even put on.

Panel 5: He stands there like a wooden Jesus in a country graveyard as she tells him that he was supposed to fold his clothes and put the DIRTY stuff in the hamper.

Panel 6: Since he's a lazy moral monster who hates the idea of her ever being happy and living a life that isn't all about catering to a selfish brat who doesn't realize that he owes them every penny they spend on him, he just shoves everything in the laundry without folding it like a grateful, good child.

Panel 7: She then grabs him by the shirt and tells him if he thinks he's getting away with THIS again, he's got another think coming.

Panel 8: After Elly leaves, we find Lizzie asking Mike (who's clearly been shoved onto the pile of clothes) what he's doing.

Panel 9: Since he equates being asked to do chores with being enslaved (owing to having to listen to Elly wail about how cleaning house is bonded servitude), he tells her that he's waiting for another think.

Summary: The Lynnsight is an angry screed about how Lynn tried to shame Aaron into getting off his lazy arse and helping with the housework only to have him criminally, treasonously and selfishly tell her that rehashing an argument they had when he was five years old seemed all kinds of pointless and silly.

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