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Saturday, 17 May 2014

This irritating arc comes to an annoying conclusion when Elly listens to Mike ask why a bad person who hates the Pattersons gets nice stuff too by spouting a baffling line that relates to why Lynnie was a defiant little monster.

(Strip Number 858, Original Publication Date, 18 May 1985)

Panel 1: As he walks in through the front door, Mike tells Elly that he still can't believe that the unfair and wrong thing that happened to him happened. Elly asks him what cruel and wrong injustice afflicted him.

Panel 2: An anguished Mike tells Elly that Brad Luggsworth won the weekly cake raffle.

Panel 3: Mike then complains that Brad is mean (to him) and stupid (because he gets in his way) and everyone hates him so why did a dirty ratfink who treats him the way he treats someone who deserves it like Lizzie win HIS cake?

Panel 4: Elly confuses him when she tells him that sometimes a loser really needs to win.

Summary: Given that Lynn WAS the bully in her school, what she's telling everyone is that she needs to lash out in unthinking anger at everything that moves because she's afraid of everyone and needs to feel as if she isn't going to be ground down into the dirt and laughed at and kicked forEEEEEEEEver for wanting to be happy.

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