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Sunday, May 14

I will be on a cub scout overnight camping trip tonight and so I will have to write my commentary on Sunday's strip after I get back. I had planned to write an early commentary, but apparently Tucson newspapers don't do an early Sunday edition on Saturday to provide the source material. This is a placeholder for the fine people who like to post commments to the FOOBiverse's Journal. Enjoy!

The first four panels have no dialogue. So we only have the drawings to work with to tell the story. Let me fill in the words for you:

Panel 1: Mike says, “Mom! I’m having trouble with the stairs. For some reason, my right leg has grown significantly longer than my left.” Deanna says, “Go ahead kids. It’s just your grandma Elly. You don’t need to be scared. You saw her just last week. Remember?” Robin thinks, “Nobody better touch my bear.” Merrie says, “Look at this card I made for you.” Elly says, “My babies!” Dixie says, “Woof” and thinks, “WTF. My paw can’t tough the ground.” Edgar says, “Woof” and thinks “Just because I look a little like Dixie now doesn’t mean we were doing anything together.”

Panel 2: Elly says, “If you will just let me rip this coat off you, I can show you how we take care of coats, Merrie?” Merrie says, “Ow! Not so rough! Look at this card I made for you.” Deanna thinks, “It suddenly got dark in here.” Robin thinks, “Where did my bear go?”

Panel 3: Elly says, “And this is how you put up a coat, Merrie.” Merrie says, “Look at this card I made for you.” Mike says, “I’m not quite strong enough to open this stroller, but this is the direction it goes, if you were to open it up.” Edgar says “Woof.” and thinks, “The doors all shrunk. Watch your heads.” Robin says, “My bear, Mommy. Mine.” Deanna says, “And when you want to drop Robin in the stroller, just grab him by the arm and leg like I am doing to this bear.” Dixie thinks, “My eyes disappeared, so I can’t see, but I can smell some one cut a big one. I think it was the female human next to me. Before I lost my eyes, I think I saw the back of her vest go up.”

Panel 4: Merrie says, “I am going to drag you down by the shoulder if you don’t look at this card I made for you.” Elly says, “Oh look. You made a card for me. Why didn’t you show it to me earlier?” Robin thinks, “Thank goodness I got my bear back. But wait. Why does my hair look like mommy’s? Why is my left arm so skinny? Why did I shrink down to be so much shorter than Merrie? My bear is almost bigger than I am. Oh my god! I am devolving.” Mike says, “I would have shown mom more about the stroller, but it got dark in here all of a sudden.” Deanna says, “If she didn’t get if from my stuffed bear demonstration, she’s just not going to get it.”

The next four panels have dialogue, but you might still need some help interpreting.
Panel 5 : Deanna says, “Elly, are you sure you don’t mind taking Robin and Meredith?” Deanna thinks, “I better help her up by the arm. Oh my god. Her neck wrinkles are hideous.” Elly says, “Of course not!” Elly thinks, “How many times does Deanna have to ask me this question? It’s the whole reason they came over here. I’m not senile, you know.”

Panel 6 : Elly says, You two go and have a nice evening together.” Elly thinks, “Ouch! I shouldn’t have turned my head so far to the right. It feels like my neck is swollen.” Deanna thinks, “If I do an over-the-shoulder wave, I won’t have to look at her hideous neck wrinkles again.” Mike thinks, “Off to the hotel with the hourly rates.”

Panel 7 : Elly thinks, “This is an excellent day to have kids in my kitchen.” Then she thinks again, “Wait. That’s the witch in Hansel and Gretel. Why would I care about having kids in my kitchen versus any other room or day? Let me see if I can come up with a reason.

Panel 8 : Elly thinks, “It makes me feel like a Mom again!” Elly thinks some more, “April hasn’t made me nice cards to put on the refrigerator since she called herself Aypo. I miss having a daughter.” Robin thinks, “And with my hands completely covered and handcuffed, I shall attempt to balance on this ball blindfolded. Wait! I am feeling very manly. No. False alarm. Just a full diaper.” Merrie thinks, “Edgar just chewed the arm off my bear. Now he must die.” Edgar thinks, “This girl is trying to kill me and that food the boy was carrying tasted horrible.”
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