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Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Today's strip has Mike start along the path that would lead him into getting steamrolled into buying Valentine's Day gifts for pretty much everyone on his Rolodex when he asks if the soppy, sentimental card that would expose him to the cruel mockery of a Luggsworth is an obligatory accompaniment to the flowers he already got pressured into buying.

(Strip Number 849, Original Publication Date, 8 May 1985)

Panel 1: Today's single panel finds Mike and Lawrence in the flower shop. As we make note of the special on long-stem roses AND the fact that Mother's Day is on the eleventh so that Lynn can pretend that this is 2014, we find Mike asking Marian-the-owner (and not Marian-the-GREAT-grandmother of graciously never allowing Elly to get the last word and thus blighting mankind with a person who can't handle conflict at all well) if he also has to get the mushy card too now that he's getting the flowers.

Summary: What irritates me about this is not the whole "Hurr-hurr-hurr!!! Big tough MEN are too ascared to buy flowers" nonsense we're dealing with but the fact that Lynn clearly doesn't seem to have realized that back in 1985, a bouquet of long-stem roses and a nice greeting card would have cost more than three dollars. Speculating as to why this is reminds me of that snotty comment I made about how Lynn clearly doesn't seem to have realized that candy and comics also got expensive despite her no longer buying them.

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