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Sunday, 4 May 2014

Today's strip is, as Lynn says in the accompanying notes, a "humorous" explanation to a relative why she can never seem to find the time to write her. The reason why is that life is just one big, baffling, scary surprise after another to someone whose mind's eye has tunnel vision.

(Strip Number 7183, Original Publication Date, 5 May 1985)

Panel 1: We find ourselves at the dining room table watching Screaming Lunatic Elly asking who folded up the paper she was just about to type something on. Lizzie cops to it.

Panel 2: She then baffles Elly by saying that she did that because she was told not to write on it.

Panel 3: When Lizzie asks Mommy if she can try playing with the typewriter too, Mommy plays the "Not now" card because her brain isn't wired to understand that children can be interested in and want to participate in what grown-ups do.

Panel 4: Before she can get started typing, Mike yells "Cut it out, you guys! I'm telling" from off-camera and derails Elly's train of blank.

Panel 5: The reason WHY Mike dragged Elly away from her letter is that Lawrence and Gordon thought it'd be fun to shake up a can of soda and blast Farley in the face with it.

Panel 6: After that crisis is resolved, Idiot John needs a spotter to remind him to breatheinstructions on how to use the microwave because Evil, Unappreciative Conflict-Causing MEN!!!!!! deliberately waste their wives time because that's just what men DO.

Panel 7: After THAT crisis is resolved, some jerk phones an increasingly incensed Elly. Were this set in the modern day, we'd be dealing with some chap from Bangalore trying to convince her that his name is Henry before trying to get her to get yet another credit card.

Panel 8: After THAT crisis is resolved, John finally asks Elly what she's writing.

Panel 9: She looks as if she's witnessed an atrocity as she explains that she's trying to explain to her aunt Bess why she never has time to write.

Summary: As I said, we're about to be hit with a Lynnecdote about how Lynn's evil, cruel and selfish family evilly, cruelly and selfishly refused to give her the time to write because husbands and children are evil, cruel and selfish people who never realize that she's a person with needs and hopes and fears because EVIL conflict-causing MEN and CHAOS!!!!!-loving, mother-hating children are evil, selfish and cruel. Translated into English, she means to say "Quit bothering me with your useless lives or you'll scare away the Gods Of Inspiration."

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