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Monday, 14 April 2014

Today's strip has Mike tell a confused Elly that they were forced to wash the floor because Lizzie did the dishes.

(Strip Number 832, Original Publication Date, 15 April 1985)

Panel 1: We fast-forward to just after the Pattersons get home. As she, Elly and Mike walk into the kitchen, Lizzie tells Mommy that yes, they did so clean the whole house.

Panel 2: They picked up their stuff an'made their beds an'Michael even cleaned the floor.

Panel 3: When asked why he did that, Mike tells Elly that he sorta had to.

Panel 4: Upon telling her that Lizzie did the dishes, Mike turns on his heel because watchin'Mom's jaw scrape the linoleum gets old fast.

Summary: While I sort of feel Elly's pain, what bugs me is that she's directing it at the wrong source. Instead of blaming the four year old for making the mess, she should perhaps be more upset at the grown man who decided washing dishes was women's work.

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