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Sunday, 13 April 2014

We revisit an old theme from the very early years of the strip today. That's because Stewpid (gotta remember the yod) and Useless John stewpidly and uselessly tries to disgrace Elly and blacken her name for generations to come by behaving as if he gets dressed in the dark.

(Strip Number 7181, Original Publication Date, 14 April 1985)

Panel 1: We start things off with John wondering if he should actually wear the ratty looking undershirt he's got on underneath his good clothes.

Panel 2: Since he isn't aware that Elly is staring at him in grim horror and also has a sort of danger sense that alerts her as to when her family is dressed in a manner that will heap shame and disgrace on her, he thinks that no one is ever going to notice.

Panel 3: Upon beholding the retina-searing mish-mash John calls perfectly acceptable, Elly tells the imbecile that he can't go out looking like that in public.

Panel 4: She tells him that he cannot wear pin-striped trousers with a checked shirt.

Panel 5: He can also not wear the polka-dotted tie with anything.

Panel 6: Since all straight men in the Foobiverse are clods who need mothers to keep them from dressing like clowns, he mutters "Oh."

Panel 7: He said that since he matched, he thought he looked great.

Panel 8: She's appalled and baffled by this and points out that since he's wearing stripes, checks and dots, he can't possibly say that he matches.

Panel 9: He pulls the Men-from-Colour-Women-From-Pattern card and points out that everything he has on is blue.

Summary: What we have here is Lynn nagging Rod about his lack of dress sense. Given what howtheduck found out about his idea of what's acceptable, we have Lynn doing something rare: understating her case.

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