dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

The New Treasury: First Impressions.

As we all know, the new treasury is out. As we also know, the front cover art is a typical slice-of-life scene from The Early Years: Elly horrified by the horrible horror that only bad people who don't have children claim to be able to predict no problem: children running around like little idiots. The interesting thing about the back is that it also has a scene that would inspire what we see on the spine of the book: Mike and Lizzie selfishly, cruelly and criminally running around outside on a summer day and totally failing to remember how much work Elly will have to do to clean up after their refusal to admit that time is zooming away like mad: Elly standing around shrieking in blind rage because she's too blasted stupid to admit that no, children are not merely extensions of her will and thus can move, act, speak and think without her willing it.

As for the insides, we have:
- an introduction that's loaded with passive-aggressive nonsense about the evils of e-readers.
- passive-aggressive nonsense about the chaos children create.
- passive-aggressive nonsense about how children fight about nothing at all while adults fight over important things like who broke Lynn's walking doll, ALAN!!!!!!!!!!
- passive-aggressive nonsense about how terrible people are for refusing Lynn's 'wonderful' cooking.
- passive-aggressive nonsense directed at her family for objecting to how they're depicted.
- passive-aggressive nonsense about how Lynn loves playing up the American stereotype about how Canada is a frozen wasteland where everyone lives in igloos and eats whale blubber and maple syrup.
- passive-aggressive nonsense directed at people who object to Brian being an Asian stereotype.
- more hints that Milborough is mostly Dundas.
- crappy new-ruins that crud up an already crappy layout.

Also, it starts where the last one left off and ends with Mike talking himself into peeling carrots.

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