dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Today's effort has Lizzie destroy Elly's ability to express herself by fiddling with a tiny little hole in her slacks that Elly could justify patching until it becomes a great big hole that Elly has to waste money and toss the track pants instead of leaving them on the mending pile to die.

(Strip Number 6150, Original Publication Date, 17 March 1985)

Panel 1: We start things off with Lizzie reaching into a dresser drawer so she can get dressed for the day.

Panel 2: She then puts her top on.

Panel 3: As she puts on her slacks, she thought-bubbles'bout how they gotsa hole in the knee.

Panel 4: She then shoves her hand into her pants so she can stick her finger through the whole.

Panel 5: Next, she widens the hole because she seems to have nothing better to do with her free time.

Panel 6: She then pulls at the hole to make it even bigger.

Panel 7: By now, the hole is large enough for her to look at through an impromptu spyglass.

Panel 8: Finally, Elly shows up and screams Lizzie's name. Those of us who are picky-faces prove that we deserve to be in cages by muttering "About TIME!!!" when it's obvious that Elly had far more important things to do than to supervise small children.

Panel 9: Elly calls Lizzie's attention to the hole in the knee of her slacks and asks how it happened.

Panel 10: Lizzie doesn't know because they were like that when she found them.

Summary: The underlying premise to this mess is that Lizzie is lying about things to oppress and ruin Elly's life. The problem is that while Lizzie did a "bad" thing, she doesn't understand what she did and is answering as truthfully as possible. What's more, Elly's super-futile solution is to just leave stuff on the mending pile until she tosses it anyway.

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