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Wednesday, 26 February 2014

We follow yesterday's strip with Elly thought-bubbling about how her awful children make her feel guilty about wanting an identity that isn't "MAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!"

(Strip Number 812, Original Publication Date, 27 February 1985)

Panel 1: As Elly leaves the house for work and thinks about how the kids always make her feel guilty about having interests that don't involve her sitting in a corner like a, well, I hate to say "slave" but that seems to be what Mike wants.

Panel 2: She likes her job and she needs her job

Panel 3: She is thus just one more woman doing something for herself for a change

Panel 4: She concludes that this simply makes her into one more guilty woman.

Summary: This is because Lynn and Elly never quite understood that nobody can make you feel bad without your prior permission. She needs to feel awful about doing something for herself because she thinks that it's expected of her. After all, Therese's lack of guilt about letting someone more maternal raise the child she's convinced that she cannot is why she's bad.

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