aprilp_katje (aprilp_katje) wrote in binky_betsy,

Another "Foob" Mystery Solved

I should probably warn you right away that the resolution of our latest "foob" mystery is not particularly exciting. But it might satisfy your curiosity, if you were wondering what the deal was with our latest (2/9/2014) Sunday strip. We had Elly and Connie fretting about their kids growing up so fast, about their own aging (ha!), and Elly making a sentimental comment about old friends being the best friends. This strip was not findable by any of our normal means (punchline, date, etc.) in the fborfw catalog. This led to the theory that the strip we saw yesterday was a new-run, but the art style did not match what we have come to expect of new-runs--it was very much in the "1985" style.

So today during my lunch hour, I checked the microfilm for the Sunday, February 10, 1985 edition of our local paper. And guess what? The strip we saw on 2/9/2014 actually is what ran on 2/10/1985 (though my local paper did throw away the throwaway panels). Mystery solved. (Of course that doesn't resolve our other mystery--why this one can't be found in the catalog.)

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