Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Friday, May 5

Panel 1: Okay, who's talking? I assume Liz and Gary. And another reminder that Liz is approaching a moment of truth.

Panel 2: Back to the bun, with a stray lock escaping in the wind. But how weird that we don't see Liz's arms. And confirmation that she's taking a baby step towards independence by not going back to Milborough. Except she said maybe.

Panel 3: That's so oddly formal: "I want you to know." And are they pulling the job out from under her, or just preparing a contingency? And I do hope Liz won't get all huffy and say, "Well, if you can do without me so well, GO RIGHT AHEAD!" She also looks a lot like Elly.

Panel 4: WTF?! No contract YET?! I wish LJ would make up her mind. Either they never need a written contract because one's word is so binding, or she signs a contract and gets it over with. Anyway, yayyyyyyy! She prefers Mtig!

Panel 5: Now, why don't we see Liz's face? And why is the person speaking the one in silhouette? And what a lame response. I would have preferred something edging towards the question of where is her heart in relation to Off. Wright. I mean, really, Gary makes it sound like he's Aztec, not Ojibway, and he'll take Liz's physical heart as a sacrifice.
Tags: white goose flies south

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