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Binky Betsy

Thursday, May 4

Panel 1: Again, this is something I'd like to see played out in the strip. Even if ear infections aren't the end of the world, there's still plenty of drama when a kid is repeatedly getting sick. It would be interesting to see how Mike an' Dee handle a problem that's not other people's fault, or anyone's fault, but just something that happens. Instead of the Pattersons Redux's virtue being spotlighted by the contrast with the Evil Kelpfroths, we would see their human frailty as they try not to crack under the strain. I mean, if Liz is worried, it must be a pretty big deal, right? Or is she just overreacting because she feels out of the loop?

Panel 2: Okay, first of all, shut up Liz and don't slander April like that. Hard to handle, my ass. I'm sure she'd love to know that's what you think of her, when you're the one she turns to for solace and advice. Second of all, it is reassuring to see that Anthony's divorce is sandwiched in with all the other stuff, and that he's identified merely as a "friend".

Panel 3: Clearly, Big-Butt Viv has heard this before. And if she's saying that that attitude sucks, ITA. And why does it look as if there's a vanity mirror above the sink? In fact, the whole setup looks like a powder room, not a kitchen. Were there two different artists on this strip: one for the characters and one for the background? And the background one misunderstood the directions that said "Liz and Viv stand at sink"? Anyway, getting back to the dialogue, perhaps if Liz paid more attention to what's going on around her, she wouldn't feel so bereft. Granted, it would mean gossiping about others, but a benefit of that would be a thicker skin.

Panel 4: Yeah, man!

The thing is, this is not an uncommon phenomenon. First year in a strange place is the honeymoon phase. You just can't stop gushing about how different and exciting and better than where you came from everything is. Second year, the new wears off, and you start to miss some of the stuff you were so scornful of when you first arrived. But if you wait it out, you'll reach a happy medium.

I would just hate to see Liz run back down south. Leaving for Anthony's sake would be a different kind of awful, but leaving because she can't weather a few pangs of uncertainty would be just as bad. Lately, so many of the Pattersons can't function outside their comfort zone, and that's crap.

Panel 5: Okay, so she's leaving it up to Liz. I will note that the lettering makes "rightgarden" look like an intermediate grade between kindergarten and first. Otherwise, I'll just focus on Liz's deformed arm and leave the speculation to others.
Tags: lizthony, white goose flies south

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