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Treasury Number Four: If it's not one foob, it's another:

This just in: Lynn has announced the title of her latest hard-cover collection of reprints, old photos and passive-aggressive asides: "It's one thing after another."

As we can see, the cover art:

 photo 9781449437176_frontcover_zps1490b519.jpg

has Elly react to the non-event of kids running down the hallway like little idiots by gasping the Goggle-Eyed Triangle-Mouthed Gasp Of Baffled Horror. (Given that Lizzie looks to be a foot tall and Mike not much taller, she's probably scared out of her mind that they've been zapped by the neighbor's shrink ray again.)

Another interesting thing is some of the strips indeed have Lynnsights. My favorite is this little gem attached to one of the ones in the "Farley gets picked up by Animal Control because Elly is too stupid, thoughtless and lazy to buy a dog license like a responsible adult" arc:

Looking for a wayward mutt on a night like this is one of the downsides of dog ownership. When our small spaniel, Willy, wandered off, it was usually "Mom" who put on the boots and jacket and went out into the gale to find him. I was convinced that he could hear me quite well and was just ignoring me. This was something the kids did too. It infuriated me. At least kids understand a mother's wrath. When a dog comes home to a fuming human, he just pants and wags.

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