Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Sunday, April 23

Panel 1: Okay, we can be fairly certain that this is a current strip. That said, I don't need to see so much of Apes' ass.

Panel 2: Edgar seems to be getting great joy out of being collared and leashed. He's a Patterson male, all right.

Panel 3: Dixie is less comfortable with it. Is April trying to cajole her? Or is she pretending she's doing this to Elly?

Panel 4: Oh brother; it's a diet cola commercial.

Panel 5: Those two houses seem awfully close together, with only enough room for a tree in between. Guess the smaller one is NOT John's dream house with the huge yard for his trains.

Panel 6: Oh great: another scat joke.

Panel 7: And it's the story of April's life: being pulled apart by opposing forces.

Panel 8: Ohhhh, so LJ's NOT going for the potty joke. The dogs are running past it; it's APRIL who's going to get...

Panel 9: This would actually be funnier if it had happened years ago with teenage Mike. I think he still had testicles then, so it would have worked.

Panel 10: Yeah, yeah: another It's-really-HUMANS-who-are-dumb punchline. Dixie looks annoyed; perhaps she was getting back at April for something?
Tags: pets, the martian creature

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