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Saturday, 10 August 2013

In today's strip, we contrast poor, put-upon Elly panicking because she thinks that someone is probably cannibalizing poor Lizzie for spare parts while evil, chaos-loving Lizzie is completely and evilly unaware of the trauma she's selfishly inflicting on everyone everywhere.

(Strip ID: 677, Original Publication Date, 11 August 1984)

Panel 1:: Having run over to the security counter, Elly tells the officer in charge that Lizzie is four and she's wearing a yellow T-shirt.

Panel 2: The man tells Elly that they're make an announcement and asks if he got the name right.

Panel 3: A frantic Elly asks "She was right beside me! Where could she have gone??"

Panel 4: As Elly imagines the many thousand horrible things that she only seems to think when she has to THINK about where her children are, we find that Elizabeth is happily playing in a photo booth.

Summary: This is another fairly dated strip. Thankfully for the children of the world, there's a little thing called an Amber Alert nowadays; in this instance, the airport cops would patrol the place like Rat Patrol and find Lizzie in no time.

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