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Saturday, April 15

Tax day! I don't know if anyone here has ever read "Sylvia", but every year, I recall the strip in which The Woman Who Does Everything More Beautifully Than You describes how she, having done her taxes in February, of course, spends April 15th bringing espresso and fresh-baked cinnamon rolls to the poor beleagured post office workers. I once had a can of coffee in a flavor my husband doesn't like (and I don't drink coffee at all). I offered it to the staff at my post office the week of April 15 (not the day itself) and they declined. ETA: D'oh! They're NOT government workers, and never said they were. They just didn't want it! Made them feel on the spot, I guess. Or suspicious.

Anyway, that Sylvia strip was funny. Let's see how today's Foob shapes up.

Panel 1: So, what of it, John? Disappointed that you don't get to say "HA-ha! Elly ran out of things to do!"?

Panel 2: WTF? Is there a car right there in the building? Or is it a model, or a standup or something?

Panel 3: Oh lord, he mentioned Anthony. :::shudder::: And is that the model ship John built? Did Gordon build it? Unlikely, since he just said he doesn't have time for anything. Guess he bought it, simply because that's the kind of thing hotshots have in their offices.

Panel 4: Both the guys look really odd in this. John looks as if he's been in the wilds of Manitoba, losing 40% of his body weight, and Gordon just looks like a troll. And his tie is too short.

Panel 5: John looks rather annoyed that he was outpunned. Or was he? It's a bit ambigous: is it money that disappears faster, or time? IME, not having time actually causes money to disappear. You have to hire stuff done, or buy stuff already made, instead of thriftily doing or making it yourself. Anyway, we all know Gordo is an honorary Patterson, and here he is proving it.
Tags: elly's retirement, gordon

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