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Coffee Time equals negligence.

An interesting point came up when discussing the horrible display of passive-aggressive maundering, learned helplessness and fatuous refusal to accept responsibility that was the Mother's Day 1984/2013 strip. The interesting point is that save for some very rare occasions, the children are Not Allowed to make their presences felt when grown-ups are discussing important things like how children are baffling little strangers real human beings cannot relate to.

The reason that I mention this is that while Elly and her best friend in the whole wide room talk about how mild suburban prosperity and a life without anything real to fear is a horror too bleak to comtemplate, the children are allowed to race around damaging both property and themselves. At one point, one of them almost died after "toppling" into a river. That being said, Elly is always astonished by the result of her stupid negligence. This sort of thing, this "Oh, look. A small child is running around unsupervised in a home made into a death trap because I can never seem to understand that she doesn't think like me. I don't see the harm in THAT!!!" vibe I get is why I linked to all those super-frightening British PSAs last year. I'd like to thank the person who reminded me of this for pointing out what really bothers me about Elly: the fact that the contents of her skull are what that boy in Apaches drowned in.

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