Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Friday, April 7

"An'"s: Seven.

Panel 1: Aaaaand there she is. Like clockwork. And April gives her usual brushoff. See, telling someone that you're too preoccupied for hallway chit-chat isn't really dissing them. Shannon should understand and respect that April, being a "normal", naturally has more pressing concerns. April doesn't call her "like...retarded" to her face, so she's not being condescending.

That said, I cringe when I see Shannon smiling hopefully with her head down like that. Give her some dignity, FFS.

Panel 2: Now April's the one with the posture problem. And yay for Shannon! Seriously, I AM glad to hear she won't have to have her mom around her whole life. But this may put April in the awkward position of having to tell Shannon flat-out she's not welcome on those movie-and-pizza excursions. At any rate, props to Shannon for talking about herself instead of kissing April's ass.

Panel 3: OMG. What, in her head? Or on the computer?

Panel 4: How patronizing. "This place". Shannon's bangs are shorter, though, almost gone.

Panel 5: Groan. And I loooooove April's indulgent smile. But I'm not sure I even get it. If it's all in her imagination, why wouldn't she know where it is?
Tags: saint...shan...non

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