dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

In today's strip, Elly reminds us of a problem a certain percentage of women have by being very reluctant to use the shower at the gym despite Connie's attempt to reassure her that since they're all women, she will not be judged. This, I think, is owing to Elly's belief that since she's spending her time harshly judging the other women, she too will be judged.

(Strip Number 560, Original Publication Date, 29 February 1984)

Panel 1: Now that the class has ended, Connie tells Elly that she intends having a shower before heading home and asks if El is coming with.

Panel 2: Since it seems to me that Elly is somewhat likely to be flashing back to the horrors of gym class back in the sixties, she comments on the lack of privacy when trying to refuse.

Panel 3: Connie tells Elly to come off it because they're all women.

Panel 4: As Elly looks at the varied physical types she's sharing the shower with, Connie's comment about how they're all the same baffles her.

Summary: We can probably expect a Lynnsight about how 'we women' can't help but feel awkward when confronted with judging eyes no matter how much progress has been allegedly made. (The real message is, of course, that Lynn is a nasty idiot who can't suppress her childish need to leer and snicker at other people.)

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