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Off Topic: The REAL missing strip

Remember a few weeks back when I'd said that Lynn had dropped the 'time to howl/YEEEAARRGGGHHH!!!" strip? It appears that I was a bit premature declaring it MIA because it shows up Tuesday. The strip that really seems to vanish is a follow-up to the "They call it a 'crush' because that's what happens to your feelings when they find out" thing. In short, it's a capsulized review of the Colin Winch flashback.

(Strip Number 553, Original Publication Date, 18 February 1984)

Panel 1: We find Elly sitting on the couch with Michael as she tells him that she used to write very affectionate notes to this boy at school.

Panel 2: He'd then show them to his friends so they could have a good laugh at her expense.

Panel 3: Then they'd tease her about it. Mike tells her that he sees her point.

Panel 4: Since his idea of her point is "Never put anything in writing" instead of "Colin Winch is a horrible monster who was too cold and mean to return her pure, pure love", she is, as always, gobsmacked.

Summary: It's sort of annoying to have to remember that the notes about Deanna being popular would fit just as easily here, isn't it?

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