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Tuesday, 15 January 2013

In today's strip, Annie actually does subvert her attempt to make Elly feel better about gossiping about Connie by asking for all the dirt.

(Strip Number 4402, Original Publication Date, 16 January 1984)

Panel 1: As our story continues, we find that Annie has brought the kids over to the Pattermanse so she can have a cuppa with Elly; she leads off by asking Elly for the latest news on Connie and Ted.

Panel 2: As she gets the cups down, Elly expresses discomfort about once again gossiping about poor Connie.

Panel 3: Anne tells her that it isn't gossip. After all, they care about her, understand her and are her best friends.

Panel 4: She then says "Now, give me the dirt."

Summary: Well, it's clear that Anne has her own defense mechanism that protects her from seeing that she's a chatterbox; just as Elly consoles herself with the fact that she wasn't directly told to keep quiet, Anne sees herself as sympathizing with the person whose misfortune she laughs at.

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