aprilp_katje (aprilp_katje) wrote in binky_betsy,

Coffee Talk: The Final Entry

There is an undated "Final Entry" up on "Coffee Talk."

Not in order:

Jan C. and Lara B. are thankful for "Coffee Talk." Maryjo is still harping on "Happy Birthday, Jesus." Jody liked the Christmas Memory Matching game. Holly and Tom F. both respond in their own way to the strip where Mike watches "explict information" on TV. Amy D. of Vienna, VA, after all these years of posting comments to CT, has finally managed to locate the part of the website that contains the actual strips. Our own Joshua of Chicago points out that switching 1984 to 2013 in the New Year's strip causes a mess of anachronisms, while Candice either snarks stealthily on the same topic or really doesn't realize that Lynn will not actually tweak the strip to update technology and fashions. Beverly Ann wraps a "Happy New Year" greeting into a farewell to CT while also speculating that the hating haters who hate may have killed it. Le sigh. Rachel L. has the final word with a holiday greeting.

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