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Wednesday, April 7

"An'"s: One, in panel 4.

Well, this is a red-letter day! John, Elly and April all in the same strip!

So now all the people who don't read the officlal FOOB site are going, "KRELBUTZ?! Oh, well, no wonder: with a name like that, she HAS to be evil!" Is this just a matter of rationalizing the addition of the rogues' gallery to the site? How many Kortneys, or even Courtneys, are there in Milborough? Does John think that if he doesn't add her last name, Elly will say, "You mean Kortney from church, Kortney who used to babysit, or Kortney who got fired by Moira because I was too chickenshit?"?

Elly's surprised that Kortney's new employers are letting her handle money. Now, I'm not sure how it works in Canada, but I'm assuming that unless a police report was filed (was it?) or Elly specifically told people who were thinking of hiring Kortney the circumstances of her leaving Lilliput's, then they wouldn't think there was any reason not to trust her with cash. Has Elly read too much Harry Potter, and thinks that kortney should have sprouted big purple boils on her face that spell out "THIEF"?

In panel 3, John again looks like he's talking with a mouthful of food. We did see him holding a loaded fork in the previous panel.

Panel 4: This is a very inconsistent speech from April. How does the same person who uses phrases like "Too bad honesty has to be enforced" immediately switch to "just...y'know" and "an'"?

And we end with yet another "WE never do anything wrong, because WE are Perfect Pattersons!" statement. For crying out loud, didn't John ever swipe a candy bar when he was six years old? And it's kind of subjective, anyway: if what you're doing makes sense, then you don't think of it as "wrong"! Unless you're a total sociopath, but I don't think that even applies to Kortney.
Tags: pattersons against the world

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