Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Friday, March 24

Panel 1: I think I no longer understand this strip at all. Four days to explain how John an' Elly got home from the airport an' the mundane things they did on holiday? I think it's true, what's been said here and on r.a.c.s.: the strips are becoming an extension of the letters.

Anyway, what an odd way to phrase the question: did April like having Connie there? Were they supposed to become BFF or something?

Panel 2: That's actually a pretty good slouch. And "more comfortable with someone else in the house"...oh boy. I'm telling you, the whole nighttime sequence was designed to smack April down and prove to us and her how not-grownup she is.

Panel 3: If I thought LJ was still capable of subtlety, I'd assume this was Elly's sly way of letting April know she somehow sensed what happened. The way, years ago, Liz and Dawn and Shawna-Marie had a party when everyone else was away from the house, and when Elly came home, her eyeline zeroed in on One Popcorn Kernel on the floor and Liz was busted. It can't be that Connie told her, though, because that would mean Connie admitting that she was derelict in her duties. So it's probably just leading up to...

Panel 4: That's right, April! IT WASN'T JUST YOUR IMAGINATION!!! Your mother is one of THEM!
Tags: april regressed, grotesque elly

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