dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Sort of Off Topic: The golden age of outdoor lighting....

I realize that what I'm about to talk about has as much to do with the strip as a typical Lynnsight but something about a future strip reminds me of something that I wanted to put in a monthly letter once. Y'see, if Lynn had done what she should have and followed the Strip of Destiny with the one for Labor Day 1980 like she should have, we'd have spent the early part of this month watching John stumble around like an ass putting up his outdoor Christmas lights.

This, you see, led to my wondering if one of my new retcons could have had as a plot point Mira talking about the amazing advances in outdoor lights now that LEDs are starting to replace the traditional incandescent fixtures. If I'd found the room to fit that in, she would have been a mouthpiece for my personal view that we're living in something of a golden age as far as Christmas lights go. The new style lights not only cost less, they also look better than the old; there isn't that odd yellow undertone that makes the blue and green ones look fake, as a for instance.

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