babsbybend (babsbybend) wrote in binky_betsy,

As for Therese....

I found this article about another article.  I'm not sure when it was written, or if it's been posted here before, but the thing that stood out for me was the line about when a man parents, he's a saint; when a woman parents, she's a mother.

Reviewing her strips,I think on some unconsious level, Lynn was jealous of Therese, and that's why she was slamming her, so yeah, tear her down however.

(I'm not in a good mood--I got into an on-line spat with an associate who was slamming people on food stamps, because she stood behind someone who was buying a roast with EBT card, and associate couldn't afford a roast.  Never mind that said associate had season tickets to a number of sports, made it her business to attend all events, and drives to other states to visit relatives, and has all the money to do those things, and tells about her adventures on Facebook.  If she can't afford a roast, no one poorer than she should have one, even if it is probably on sale and end-of-the-day mark-down.  And somehow, the associate reminds me of what I know about Lynn.)

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