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Thursday, 22 November 2012

Today's strip has Michael tell Lawrence and Gordon that Elly is all kinds of crazy if she thinks trying to be nice to Brad will work because he'd get his head pounded in. Gordon tells him that he'll get his ass kicked anyway, he's got nothing to lose.

(Strip Number 507, Original Publication Date, 24 November 1983)

Panel 1: As our story continues, we rejoin Mike at school. As he, Gordon and Lawrence use the swing set, he tells Lawrence about Elly's anti-advice about being nice to Brad before wondering if she thinks that he's crazy, stupid or both.

Panel 2: He goes on to tell Lawrence and Gordon that if he asked to be friends or something, Brad would simply mash him.

Panel 3: Gordon says that it's worth a try and Lawrence asks him what he has to lose.

Panel 4: Gordo pipes in with a cheery (and unsettling) "He's just going to mash you anyways."

Summary: Now, if this strip had been written by a person who understood how children thought, the end result of this would be that Gordon and Lawrence would be proven right; since it's instead written by a woman who thinks that life is a television show, Elly is proven right.

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