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Lynn Johnston's comments on Richard Thompson's retirement

Richard Thompson had to discontinue doing Cul de Sac due to health problems.  Among the cartoonists who wrote a tribute to him was Lynn Johnston.  This is what she said:

LYNN JOHNSTON (“For Better or for Worse”):

“This is sad news, but understandable. The saddest thing is: I'm sure Richard is not ready to stop doing ‘Cul de Sac,’ When your body just will not permit you to continue to do something you love to do, the loss is overwhelming. Being able to write and draw and entertain is a gift in triplicate! The drive to use these gifts comes as much from within as it does from the deadlines we agree to adhere to.

“As a reader, I will mourn the loss of Richard's wonderful art. As a colleague, I understand his sorrow at having to say goodbye, far too soon, to characters he created and a life he enjoyed. Some people set the bar in the comic art world, and Richard Thompson's ‘Cul de Sac’ is up there! I wish him all the best.”


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