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Saturday, 10 November 2012

We end the week with John subjecting Michael to the same sort of idealized version of his own school days that the Delicate Genius used as a justification for his part of the Housening. The 1983 model Michael repeats Elly's calling John on it without knowing what Mommy meant.

(Strip Number 497, Original Publication Date, 12 November 1983)

Panel 1: It's the evening of Mike's crummy day at school and John seems to be reacting to his boy's complains about it by telling the child how much he envies him. Yessir, gang, John's school days were the best!

Panel 2: According to our friendly neighborhood mythologizer, he had great friends, wonderful adventures and learning was something that he loved.

Panel 3: After listening to the same sort of mush he would one day spew, Mike asks him if he can borrow his eyeglasses.

Panel 4: As he looks through them, he explains that Mom says that they're rose-colored.

Summary: Given how much John has always feared and hated the idea of sying the three little words "I don't know" and how having to admit that what 'everyone' knows might not be so gives our boy the screaming habdabs, I'd say that if anything, John had a harder time of school than Mike did. Also, we can possibly expect a Lynnsight that focuses on Lynn's finding it 'funny' that we look back so fondly on a past that used to hurt when it was the present day. 

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