Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Thursday, March 16

Panel 1: Man, those are some bizarre proportions. She truly looks manga. But at least she's finally applying logic: the dogs would bark if there was physical danger.

Panel 2: "Yayyyyyyyyy!" say the dogs. "We're free of the creature who's trying to strangle us!"

Panel 3: Looks very much like early Elly. What is going on below the neck, though? Does she have a very bulbous collarbone, or is her bosom pointing straight upwards? Actually, all the angles are bizarre. She's tilted in the window, which is tilted within the panel, and the shot is from below, but how far below?

Panel 4: Nice shot of her. And NO, you do NOT want to go in the basement! That is the most inexcusable example of Movie Illogic. If you really think there's a threat in the basement, block the door; don't go check it out!

Panel 5: Holy guacamole. I do believe LJ is doing her first. ever. dream sequence. A new low. (Though she probably thinks of it as a bold step forward.)
Tags: april regressed, april stays alone, april with hair down

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