The Great Madman (kazokuhouou) wrote in binky_betsy,
The Great Madman

Well. It took a while, and I'm still not entirely confident that I didn't miss a post or two, but I've got all the letters archived leading up to the murder mystery. So it is almost ready for recommendation on the TV Tropes page. And yes, I'm recommending all of it, cause as I found out the hard way, reading the murder mystery without the rest of the letters is like watching Return of the Jedi without seeing Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back first. (The prequels can go fuck themselves.)

However, there are still three things to resolve:

1) What the hell do we call it? I would just say something like 'The Letters Continued' but I'm not about to name something I had no part in.

2) How should I credit the people behind this? Just as 'various authors' or should I try to name everyone?

3)Something this big, would it be wise to give it its own TV Tropes page? (I'd go ahead and start it myself, but I'm rubbish at beginning new pages and we'd go back to 1 anyway.)

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