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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Today's strip seems to be all about how baffled Lynn was that Katie objected to having to look at the back of her head when she, Katie and Aaron slept in the same bed. We're even going to get a Lynnsight to the effect of "They had the same amount of space so why did she keep objecting to not seeing my face?"

(Strip Number 7053, Original Publication Date, 28 August 1983)

Panel 1: Today's little slice of life strip must have taken place back when John was on a trip of some sort. That's because Elly decided to let the kids sleep in her bed so that they could keep one another company. Since Elly is a fairly light sleeper, the sound of her children playing is keeping her up so she tells them to let her sleep.

Panel 2: Since Mike is a regular dumb kid, he tells her that she can sleep while he and Lizzie sit there. Since Elly thinks children are evil, she misinterprets his stupidity as malice.

Panel 3: A few minutes later, Mike tells her that he and Lizzie want to snuggle up. The real conflict starts here because Mike takes the side of the bed that allows him to see Elly's face while leaving Lizzie looking at the back of her head.

Panel 4: Lizzie's telling Elly that she gots no room makes little sense until you realize that she means that Mike has all the side of the bed with Elly's face on it.

Panel 5: She then angers Mommy by yelling "No fair! You like Michael best!!" (It should be noted that Mike is grinning smugly at this point because he's scored a point against the interloper he thinks that he should have had final say on. Either that, or he's fast asleep. Either way, I'd like to wipe that smirk off his face with a belt sander.)

Panel 6: Elly makes the foolish mistake of attempting to bargain with Lizzie by pointing out that the two of them have the same amount of space, pillow and blanket.

Panel 7: Lizzie then tells her that Mike has the BEST side of the bed.

Panel 8: Elly's response to this statement is a confused "Uh?"

Panel 9: Lizzie further baffles Elly by telling her that he's got the side of the bed with her FACE ON IT.

Summary: This, friends, is the sort of 'little' thing that parents find inconsequential but turns out to be rather more important than they thought it would be. The Elly who stresses about sitting for Anthony's weird Frenchy child simply cannot connect the pattern of behaviour we see here with Liz's belief that the Son is always shining in her eyes.

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