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Sunday, 19 August 2012

We find ourselves watching Elly taking her children to Super Funland Park on a sticky-hot day where they don't have all that good of a time. When Elly comes to the conclusion that the best thing for everyone is to go home, Mike and Lizzie are suddenly having the time of their lives and don't want to leave.

(Strip Number 6113, Original Publication Date, 21 August 1983)

Panel 1: We begin things with Elly, Mike and Lizzie standing in line to get tickets to enter the amusement park.

Panel 2: When they get to the front of the line, Mike looks at the sign for the admission fees, channels Dennis the Helpful Neighbor BoyMenace and tells the woman at the counter that Elly is the adult.

Panel 3: Given that he's trying to balance cotton candy in one hand and a bottle of soda in the other, it isn't much of a surprise that Mike tells MAAAAA that he's tired of walking.

Panel 4: Nor is a terrified, shrieking Lizzie's need to get off the roller coaster much of a shock to anyone who doesn't let her kids play in grain bins. (No, I ain't gonna let that go.)

Panel 5: Mike's need to defend his popcorn from Lizzie despite her spilling hers is also not much of a shock to the system. He is, after all, a dumb little kid who doesn't know how to share and there are hundreds like him.

Panel 6: Elly's panicky need to find a public restroom for the offsprings is also a commonplace that most of Coffee Talk can identify with.

Panel 7: Given the heat and humidity of the mid-August day, it's also not a surprise to anyone that the kids are wilting. Mike is complaining of the heat and Lizzie is positively ill.

Panel 8: Rather than have to read the headline "Area children in hospital due to heatstroke", Elly decides that it's time to take the children out of Super Not-at-all-funland Park and go home. This causes Mike to start off with a But-MOOOOOOOOOOM!!!

Panel 9: And end with a comment about having a great time that floors her.

Summary: This is because she also forgets something else about children. She forgets that they're willing to ignore things like sweltering heat, scary rides, lousy food and Portosans from Heck as long as they're not at home with nothing to do.

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