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Lynn's long weekend.....

It would seem that I've forgotten to post another of Lynn's attempts at blogging. This time out, she describes her meeting with the person who seems to have become Keith Enjo.

I have just had a weekend that schmecks! My friend, Robin Masuda and his two beautiful boys came to visit and, in exchange for staying in my cottage, Robin offered to cook for me- anything I wanted to eat. Robin is an experienced chef and his boys like to chip in, so we were all looking forward to the weekend-even though the forecast was rain.

The first thing we did was go shopping. I watched Robin check out strawberries for dipping, scrutinize the veggies and then he decided to buy some lamb because it's something I don't cook for myself. As the boys did stuff on their computer Robin took charge of my kitchen.

Everything he did was interesting- from the moment he unrolled his carry case of knives, graters, whisk and tongs to the selection of items from my fridge and cupboards I became a student of the culinary arts. After explaining how each ingredient would add to the flavour of the feast, he proceeded to chop and heat and stir and sear... and it all looked so easy. He created a wonderful meal, served in an elegant style on my own dishes. It looked so good, we both took photos.

The next day, we dipped coffee beans, cherries and strawberries in chocolate. He'd brought a pie and told me how to make the best pastry on the planet: he puts vinegar and an egg into the dough. Who knew?! We made spicy rice and a great tomato salad with pesto and white cheese and turned the leftover chocolate into crunchy cereal squares. In the evening, the sun came out, he and the boys swam and checked out the rocks on the point. I was surprised by how quickly the hours flew by.

On Monday, a national holiday here in Canada, we drove to Temagami to climb the fire tower and use up a float plane ride I'd won at a raffle. What a hoot. For lunch we hit a restaurant and I wondered what the sons of a well known chef would order from the menu. Both Ben (16) and Ollie (12) ordered burgers and poutine. Poutine is a deadly mixture of french fries, cheese curds and hot beef gravy. It's fattening, filling and really, really good. I doubted that Ollie would be able to finish his- and he took the challenge. The photo here does not show the pain he was actually in!

So, I have enjoyed a weekend of gluttony and fun and I hope Robin and the boys come back soon. I must tell you that Robin's family is the one on whom the Enjos were based in the strip- I've known the Masudas for almost 25 years. If Robin sends me the exact ingredients for his pastry- I'll send the recipe on to you. Meanwhile, I now have a fridge full of the BEST leftovers ever. So much for dropping that last 10 lbs!


- About the pastry thing, Lynn....everyone knows that.
- I'd tell her to write using the words she feels comfortable using but since she was raised by the sort of idiots I like to refer to as having grown up stupid under the Red Ensign, she might actually be doing so.
- Again with the ten pounds? HUM!! She probably came out of the womb thinking that she weighed ten pounds too many.

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