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Lynn Talks About San Diego Comic-Con (Plus Photos)

It must be 15 years since I attended the San Diego Comic-Con...and it has grown at least to 10 times in size since then.

This means that Lynn’s last appearance would have been in 1997.  So we are talking about a time back when Sparky was still alive and Lynn was still interested in her craft.  How time flies!

This year, there were over 100 thou in attendance. There were so many people on the convention floor that easy movement was impossible. You had to thread your way slowly past demons, super heroes, wizards, angels and space cadets of all shapes and sizes.

Lynn was doing pretty well there until she threw in “space cadet”, which is not usually considered a complimentary term.

Everyone seemed to be in a great mood, despite the crush and limited edibles....but nobody was there to eat. Food was secondary to seeing and being seen.

And as is typical with Lynn, there is nothing more important than food when it comes to describing a place, and with a little dig at her Syndicate for not feeding her better.

It was a sort of love-in. A multitude of out-there comic art enthusiasts, eager to support their fantasy of choice and enjoy the camaraderie.

Love-in? Out-there? Maybe she should have said “Be-in”. I just don’t get 1960s counterculture in this setting. And now Lynn will let us know the bad behaviour she was expecting at the convention, but did not see.  After all, when you go someplace you haven't been in 15 years, it's important to look for things to criticize.

I saw no unruly behaviour in the impossibly crowded booths and endless line ups. I heard no dirty language - a rare treat in an era when four letter words are used as nouns and adjectives - (supplementing an ever decreasing knowledge of the English language.)

Only nouns and adjectives, Lynn? I think George Carlin used to do a routine where he talked about how you could use the word “shit” to substitute for pretty much any part of the English language. It’s nice to know the comic convention was kid-friendly, until we get to Lynn’s next statement:

Just a whiff of pot outside the hotel pushed the envelope...and even that was shared with exuberance, thus reducing its buzz. The whole event was what we once called "A Happening".

“A Happening”? While I am a little surprised Lynn could smell anything outside but San Diego street smells, it sounds like Lynn is equating the convention with Woodstock and hippies.

I had two panels to do, and an hour long talk on whatever came to mind. I was a bit flummoxed, as my son, Aaron, was in the's hard to draw and talk about your family when a member is dangling in the wings.

BWA-HA-HA!! Oh dear. After seeing Lynn’s talk at the Schulz Museum when she laid into both her ex-husbands with gusto, I can see why Aaron’s presence might put her off the subject.  He might not appreciate hearing those stories about his male parents, especially if Lynn was inclined to tell some of her often-repeated lies about them. It’s hard to tell those stories in front of people who know better and could be offended by them.  The upside of it is that Lynn's presentations were probably 10X better than they usually are because Lynn didn't run off on some tangent about how people in Lynn Lake are all adulterers.

I attended a few workshop sessions - one was the "Quick Draw" in which three well known cartoonists are given subjects in rapid succession and are expected to draw them as fast as they can. This is always a hit! I met with great chums; Sergio Aragones and Greg Evans (I only get to see them a couple of times a year) and Doug Sneyd was there, too. Doug, a long time Playboy cartoonist, lives a quick drive away in Orillia, so we get to visit more often.

You might get the impression from this that the Quick Draw participants were Sergio Aragones, Greg Evans, and Doug Sneyd. However, they were actually Scott Shaw! ( The Simpsons), Disney legend Floyd Norman, and animator Mike Kazaleh. None of these guys are comic strip artists, so it’s no surprise Lynn does not know who they are. However, I would love to see Sergio Aragones do a Quick Draw.

I met some new folks I hope to keep in touch with and the whole thing renewed my enthusiasm for an art form I've loved and lived with for many years. If you are a cartoonist or a fan thereof, the Comic-Con is a sort of pilgrimage.

It’s like going to Mecca, except with people wearing costumes and Hollywood folks around.

If you'd like to go, make your plans early. It might be too late, now, to register for next year.

Don’t get your registration information from Lynn Johnston.

Comic art continues to be a huge and growing phenomenon... and critics call it "literary junk food!" Well, grab a plate of fried funnies and hang onto your hat. It's a fast, fun and fabulous ride!

Alliteration. Hum. I notice she barely mentions the panels aside from saying she was on them.  Perhaps her performance at the Comic Strip Legends panel is better not being mentioned.

{Photos courtesy of Aaron Johnston, who appears here with Gollum and the Muppets)

Aaron, who looks more and more like Josef Weeder, did manage to get a scantily-clad Catwoman in the list of pictures, which might not sit too well with Lynn’s fans who prefer the females to be a little more clothed.

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