Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Monday, February 27

Panel 1: Ah, exposition! So will it merely repeat what's in the letters, or will it be a recap of the courtship through Liz's eyes? At any rate, it's being spelled out in the strip that yes, he is Native.

Meanwhile, that cap Liz is wearing not only looks babyish, it looks like something she would have gotten down south, which would be inadequate for a Mtig winter. I well remember how poorly suited my cute matching lavender lambswool cap-and-scarf set was for a Chicago winter. I had to break down and get a doubleknit ski cap like everyone else. But I daresay a Patterson would rather coordinate. What goes with blackened earlobes?

Panel 2: Liz looks like she's hit her pun saturation point. Also, maybe it's the colorist, but suddenly, Gary's jacket is the same as Paul's, but Liz's doesn't match any more. Guess she's only allowed to match Paul.

Panel 3: What a crazy angle. And what's the significance of it?

Panel 4: Okay, now Liz is laughing. I'm not, but I am wondering if Lynn has an endorsement deal with McDonald's.
Tags: liz an' paul

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