Megan_Koumori (megan_koumori) wrote in binky_betsy,

Take Two

Let's try this again. Here are a handful of unpublished strips from the official website in no particular order.

Let’s first take a look at this strip from 1994 where Elly is baffled to see that the cheerful greeter from the front of the store (Named Suzy, I think. Her nametag pixelates when I try to magnify it.) doesn’t smile like that all the time.
This might’ve been better if instead of showing us her disembodied head six times, we saw her cheerfully hello-ing a customer only to get something back like, “Blow it out yer rear, ya mushroom headed goody-goody.” Then at least she would have a reason to be grouchy. Even if Elly doesn’t understand, we would. Personally, I think her feet probably hurt. When I was a cashier, I stood for hours and by the end of the day my feet felt like they were going to bust out of my shoes.
On a final note, don’t greeter positions usually go to workers who are either much older (i.e., in their fifties or above) or special needs?

Awww. No really, I mean that. I really like this one. Why wasn’t this republished? It’s nice and sweet without slamming you over the head or giving you diabetes. This is a rare strip indeed: It brings a genuine smile to my face.

Snerk. It doesn’t take much to take Elly down from her pompous peg. The answer is thermal shock by the way. Google is your friend.

Elly mocks a clerk, only to look like a fool when she leaves not one but three things behind (Four if you count the gloves as two items.). I can see why this one wasn’t republished. Elly comes off as totally mean and unlikable, even more so than usual. If she were just thinking it, that would be one thing but she’s openly ridiculing this poor woman to a stranger.

Typical Mike. Big words, a lot of hot air, and an unjustified sense of superiority. Guy-Who-Is-Not-Weed is obviously thinking in panel nine, “How’d this douche get into university?”

You didn’t. You did not just let your child stuff herself full of unwashed strawberries from the field. Shit, do you people know how dangerous that is? Pesticides, manure, any number of viruses and bacteria…You do not eat fruit and veggies straight out of the dirt. Pray that the worst she gets is diarrhea.

That’s right, Mothers of North America. Your college age son didn’t grow his hair out and skip shaving because he’s a young adult trying to determine his own identity after having the same haircut all of his life. HE DID IT TO PISS YOU OFF! Seriously, my brother’s in college and when he comes home, my Mom is thrilled. She does not start things off by screaming “AAAUGH!” at him. And yes, he has a beard.

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