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The Liography of Elizabeth Patterson: Part Three of Four.

In today's installment, I'm going to cover Liz's life from her high school graduation to the ear twist heard 'round the world.

When Liz asked Michael's advice about what to do about her relationship with Anthony, he'd told her "Take it from me, Sistwirp! Long distance relationships just don't work." Well, he might still be the same mean-spirited twit he was all her life but he did seem to have a point. I mean, she'd invited Anthony to come up to North Bay (she wasn't going to use her university's name in public after that annoying little child April made fun of it) at any old time but he always seemed to have an excuse for not coming. This was all kinds of a let-down because the freedom she'd been looking forward to looked like more of the same. Always and ever, her friends were leaving her behind and she couldn't follow them. Granted, Candace was starting to stop being the pain in the neck she was in high school so there was at least one bright light. The other was, of course, Eric. Ah, she'd been such a child in high school thinking that she knew what love was. She just wondered if she was supposed to feel so off-balance all the time. While she was sure that Candace and her sig-o Rudy were wrong about Eric being a player, sometimes she wasn't quite sure where she stood. Maybe she didn't love him enough.

Trying to figure that out was as troubling as wondering if she could cut it as a teacher. Sometimes, she wasn't sure if she shouldn't go into another field that might make her feel less, well, inept but then she'd reminded herself that it was her destiny to teach. Mom and Dad even said so! It was nice to finally have them approve of something she was doing and she didn't want to screw that up. She just wished that they'd have been less closed-mouthed during the lead-up to Mike's wedding. She couldn't quite put her finger on it but there was something that they wouldn't tell her about things.

Well, given that Deanna had had a planned accident a little while later, she'd figured out that they'd had a certain sort of scare: the kind of scare Mom didn't like talking about. Funny thing, though. She'd loved talking about Anthony despite his being engaged. She tried to like her fiancé, she really did but the woman just didn't understand her at all. All she wanted to do was to be with an old friend she had no feelings for and Thérèse launched into an angry tirade about her jerk father, spineless mother and an endless array of predatory women with fair hair who said mother let make a fool of her.
I mean, it was scarcely her fault that Anthony just happened to be places she happened to be and April could jolly well shut up about his being a stalker.

Besides, she'd needed a friend to lean on. That's because it turned out that Eric was a jerk after all. Worse, the cheating son-of-a-b-word had the nerve to add insult to injury by half-way blaming HER. Running hot and cold, he said. Treating him like a wind-up toy, he said. She'd been hurt bad, wanted to feel good about herself by going to Anthony's wedding and you'd think that she was Eva Braun! Mike said she was being a selfish twit and Lawrence's friend told her that she was supposed to stay away from one of the few friends she had. Life was still so damned unfair!! She couldn't be near Anthony because she had to respect his boundaries, she had to bow down to someone who didn't know her and didn't want to and she couldn't even help Dylan without being compared to some long dead teacher named Hardacre who was reputed to make a pet of a problem child while stiff-arming other kids.

Ah, well. At least she had a friend in Warren. Granted, she'd been cool to him at first but he'd grown on her...until they'd grown apart. Damn. She was just starting to trust again when distance took another love away from her. Ah, well. Fate had a plan for her that wasn't him.

Funny thing, though. One of the few times she ever did talk to Grandpa Jim that didn't end in him complaining about how the world had passed him by was when he'd dismissed Mom and Dad's belief about how long-distance relationships can't work out of hand. Well, that was different; it was wartime and normal rules didn't apply, right?

Speaking of wartime and normal rules, Mom was still treating her like a kid when she came home from the summer. She had to keep earlier hours, listen to a stupid speech about how motorcycles were evil because (according to Grandpa Jim and Uncle Phil) some biker laughed at her feeble attempt at flirtation and worst, she couldn't make a move at work without that huffy loudmouth Thérèse accusing her of trying to steal Anthony.

Hhhmmp. The motorbike. Mom all but blamed it for that she-isn't-going-to-say-because-she-has-manners Howard. There she was working away for Lawrence then wham, the sick won't-repeat-it-polite-company did something awful. Thank goodness Anthony got her out of there. What bothered her more than have to tell the police about this (what was she supposed to charge him with, anyway, April??) was Dad's creepy old friend Ted telling her that if he had a daughter, he'd pound Anthony into the ground like a tent-peg for, as he put it, driving her miles away to try to convince her to become his mistress because he'd gotten bored with family life because his wife had a spine.

Anthony wasn't doing that....was he? I mean, sure, Thérèse was difficult to like and wanted a lot of things that she probably shouldn't have but that was not Liz's fault. If she weren't so disagreeable to what Gordon and Tracey assured her were reasonable requests on Anthony's part, he would have a home life that didn't disappoint him so.

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