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Lynn versus psychotherapy: a proposal.

As we saw in mst3k4evr's look at Duane's liography, the man is currently working towards a doctorate in psychology which, as Beth put it, appeals to his inner subversive punk. Much noise, in fact, was made of how very abnormal some generic, dime-a-dozen drone in a mohawk is. This continues on with a theme that forworse noted in Candace's liography. As we know, she too had a crappy childhood and rebelled against normality by eventually going into counselling. While this seems to be just Lynn's flat-footed attempt at making the old, tired joke about how psychoanalysts are crazier than their patients, it seems to me that it means more than that and the answer seems to come from the panicky way in which the characters deal with their tendency towards introspection.

When you remember that John is thought of as a straight shooter, excellent father and all-around great guy because he's an unreflective dolt who doesn't understand why he or anyone else does what they do while everyone else is sort of weak because they listen to their consciences, you can't help but notice that Lynn really doesn't like the idea of having to think about why she or anyone else does what they do so it seems to me that she'd be wary of a profession that seeks to illuminate something she'd rather keep in the dark lest her preconception that people think more or less the same way she does be disproven.

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