aprilp_katje (aprilp_katje) wrote in binky_betsy,

Mystery of "Grampa Vern" Solved

As I mentioned elsewhere, I was browsing the second treasury via Google Books. This coming summer, we will have the displeasure of experiencing the family trip to Aunt Bev and Uncle Danny's farm in Manitoba. Near the beginning of that arc, Uncle Danny notes that "Laura an' Grandma are on the porch." From Lynn's commentary, it's evident that while the "Grandma" in that strip is Laura's grandmother, she is not Mike and Liz's grandmother, as this character is based on Don Cruikshank's mother. So when this Grandma comments, several strips later, about "Grampa Vern," she's referring to Uncle Danny's father--not a to-be-renamed-later Will Patterson.

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