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Farley and the Lost Kobo?

I just visited Foob central to see the cover of the latest treasury and a balloon popped up from that annoying little bar at the bottom of the page, threatening to send the Farley books to my "iDevice".

Then I saw this:
Did you know there are FBorFW eBooks available for your Apple devices?
You can download Farley Follows His Nose in audiobook format - listen to narrator Kathleen McInerney as she reads Lynn's first Farley children's book.
Good-natured and ever-hungry, Farley goes wherever his nose leads him. But as one delicious smell follows another, soon Farley is meeting new friends and exploring parts of town he's never seen before. Just how far has he wandered? Will he find a familiar smell to lead him back home? 
Enhanced Farley and the Lost Bone (Canadian Version) 
Enhanced Farley and the Lost Bone (US Version)
Readers can use the unique tap & play feature to help find and circle Farley's bone hidden on every page or follow the story with read-along audio recorded by Lynn Johnston herself in this interactive animated edition of Farley and the Lost Bone. Award-winning cartoonist Lynn Johnston of For Better or For Worse fame and co-author Beth Cruikshank follow Farley as he welcomes the warmth of spring and tries to remember where he buried his most prized possession last fall. 
Farley and the Lost Bone features fan favorite sheepdog Farley brought to life by delightful animation as he digs in Elly's flowerbed, under John's model railway set, and inside Lizzie's sandbox until he remembers the special spot where he buried his tasty bone.
Requirements:This book requires iBooks 1.3 or later and iOS 4.2 or later. Books can only be viewed using iBooks on an iPad, iPhone (3G or later), or iPod touch (2nd generation or later).

Who is Kathleen McInerney and does she know that the Foob Facebook page says, "There's an Enhanced iBook copy of Farley and the Lost Bone now available from the iTunes store - it has animations and features Lynn reading the story! Visit our News Bites page for download links and more info"?

Also, what's different between the Canadian and US editions?

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