Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Immigration: good. Relocating for love: bad.

So we have all these noble immigrants and refugees who are so heroic to start a new life in Canada. I guess it's okay to relocate if you're running *from*: if you're escaping poverty or a war zone. But if you're safe and fed where you are, you cannot leave. Paul can't move south to be with Liz, Liz can't stay in the north to be with Paul, Lawrence can't travel to Paris to be with Ben, and Pablo can't move to Canada to be with Connie *and their baby*. That's the most galling one, as I've said before. Check late October 1999. "I would never have survived in her world"? Seriously? Okay, so there were not as many mixed-race marriages in the 1970s as there are today. But there were enough that did survive, because both parties wanted to make it work.

Lawrence's parentage is another depth Lynn should have left unplumbed. I know she wants to make it into a tragic, doomed romance. But to me, there's no way to read it that doesn't make Pablo look jerkish. There's certainly no excuse for not sending financial support. "Never have survived" is a weak defense for "It was a quick shag...okay, many quick shags, but I didn't want to jeopardize my future."

What made me think of this was the Thursday 3/15 thread, where people were discussing the Ethiopian Cabbie. Interesting. Hasn't seen his wife in three years; never seen his child. So how is it that he "escaped" and his pregnant wife did not? Hum? And how is he providing for them? How is he going to "bring" them to Canada, and when is "soon"? Maybe he IS fishing for tips. And maybe John will hail his cab again and hear an updated story: Egypt instead of Ethiopia, but the kid is still 2 1/2 years old.

And even if the whole story is true, *some* thing must bother this guy. The weather is below his irritation level, but what if he incurs some expense, like a ticket or the cost of his license going up? If he really is supporting his family (can you wire money to a war zone?) that might upset a carefully balanced budget. And imagine if he gets robbed. Escaped execution in his home country, only to be shot for $200 Canadian. Stick that in your hoseaphonium, Eva.

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