Molly (fairest1) wrote in binky_betsy,

An apology to Lynn

Previously, during the train arc, I mentioned my travels on VIA Rail, occupying a comfortable and spacious cabin. I felt it was odd to depict the rooms as cramped to such an extent as to make using the toilet and the bed mutually exclusive.

I was, clearly, in a newer cabin on my prior trips. It was lovely, featured a closet to hang my coat, a fold-out table for my laptop, a couch wide enough to stretch out on before the bed was folded down, and had a separate bathroom with a toilet, sink, and shower, easily accessable even when the bed was down.

I am now stuck in an older roomette, one small enough that if I stretch my arms out(and not even all the way) they will touch opposite walls. And yes, the bed blocks access to the toilet.

I can't imagine having to share this space with another person. I can barely share it with my suitcase. Well, once my suitcase is crammed under the bed and I'm settled down it's cozy. But still.

You were right, Lynn. This is not a place I'd want to spend a vacation stuck in with another person.

(btw: train didn't have wifi - I wrote this last night and am now posting from home)

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