Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Thursday, February 9

Panel 1: Yep...a trip down Memory Lane. Well, at least it's not recycled strips, or flashback-style "bubble panels". But what a profound insight from April! And again, I just bet this is going to turn out to be 7 million photos of Liz and Mike, and a dozen or so that just happen to include April, like "Michael Holding The Baby, Christmas 1991."

Panel 2: Bingo! And why does April look so flirtatious? And I forgot to mention another awkward sentence structure. "Put away these"? Why not "put these away"? Canadianism?

Panel 3: More Bambi eyes. You know, much as I empathize with April's Oops Baby status, it stops when she gets into "I wish I were little again, so I could get gobs of attention for doing basically nothing."

Panel 4: Jeez Louise! They look like they're going to start frenching! Why is Elly nudging April with her shoulder?! And that "where you've been...where you're going" punchline is another one that's been used before. Plus, I'm not even sure what Elly's getting at, other than Liz Must Marry.
Tags: elly supermom

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